Forum mafia. Game 1 sign up. Prizes involved.

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Forum mafia. Game 1 sign up. Prizes involved. Empty Forum mafia. Game 1 sign up. Prizes involved.

Post by Audentum on Fri Mar 27, 2015 11:09 pm

Welcome to the first mafia game here on the site. I'm sure your wondering what this is and how you play? The rules are simple. All of the players have the one goal of wining (obviously) the majority of players will win by lynching off the mafia and the mafia will win by killing off the town until the mafia are in the majority. Simple right? wrong! this is an example how each round will happen.

Irl day one. Everyone playing talks about who they think is in the mafia and cast their votes. I will then revel if they were town or mafia the next day.
Irl day 2. Mafia message each other about who they kill, then they tell me and at the beginning of the next day I will write up who died.
Then it will repeat until one group wins.

Town will get bonus roles such as.

Edit: The sign up will be extended one week due to lack of sign ups.

Doctor.  Can pick one person and if that person would die that night they survive instead.
Cop.  Can investigate other players to see what their role is.
Vigilante. Can kill one person of their choice on day 2.
Swaper. Can swap fate with another player during the night phase once. (ex Jim thinks he's about to be killed so he swaps place with Greg. If Jim was going to be killed off by the mafia that night Greg would die, however if Greg was going to die then Jim will instead.)

I will determine this with dice roles. If I role a 5-6 your mafia, if I role a 2-4 your a town member, if I role a 1 then I role a die and  determine weather your a doctor, cop, vigilante or swapper. Then I will message you with your role.

Now the part about prizes. The wining group will have one member randomly picked who will revive a steam game up to 12$ Canadian. This is open to everyone the sign up ends on April 5th, there is no player limit.

Finally you will be given 3 missing tokens. it's not expected to play every day so everyone can miss 3 irl game days. Good luck.

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